Where Can RMPS Take You? – Marie — Primary School Principal Teacher #WHYRMPS

pri2RMPS has so many possibilities and can lead on to so many different possible career paths.  This series is going to demonstrate the many paths that RMPS can take you on and the wide variety of occupations and career paths that it can help equip you for.

Marie is a Principal Teacher in a Primary School, she studied Higher RMPS at school. Religious Moral Education is one of the curriculum areas in Scotland and so primary teachers have a responsibility to ensure their pupils are learning RME.

What did you Study?

Higher RMPS

Why did you choose to study it?

I thought it would be interesting, especially the philosophical side

What is your Occupation?

Principal Teacher – I line manage around 12 staff in a primary school. My department is Nursery and P1 so I am responsible for 140 pupils from age 3-6.

How did your study of RME (or related subjects) help you?

RME gave me the ability to construct a reasoned argument and to get people to see my point of view. This is a skill I use almost daily in different parts of both my working life and day to day life. As a Primary School Teacher I need to be able to understand key elements of RME in order to simplify it to teach it.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Don’t restrict your options – I had no idea what career I wanted at age 15 so took a range of Highers to give me options in the future.


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If you would like to submit your own story of your progression path from studying RMPS or something similar please contact me or fill in this form.  




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