Higher/ National 5 RMPS Justice Revision Notes

I have created these revision notes for Higher and National 5 RMPS Morality and Justice Unit. Each page corresponds to a different section of the SQA Course Specification. Feel free to use for your own/ your pupils revision. justice-notes-pdfDownload

S3 – Home Learning Tasks – Crime and Justice

Hello, this here is a collection of different tasks that pupils can complete. You can complete in any order. Watch and Answer Life inside UK Prisons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrD3TEfpRg4 Watch this documentary and write a summary of your learning Tagged: Fresh Outta Jail https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06zh9hh/tagged-fresh-out-of-jail-episode-1 Watch all 3 episodes and answer the question – How effective is electronic … Continue reading S3 – Home Learning Tasks – Crime and Justice

Morality and Justice – Revision Notes

Another set of amazing revision note for Religion and Justice. These again were sent in by a former Higher RMPS pupil. Great to help with consolidating your notes. Purposes of Punishment Retribution  Punishment should make the criminal pay for what they have done wrong Examples include community service & fines Benefits Drawbacks Release of anger … Continue reading Morality and Justice – Revision Notes

Moral Debate of Punishment

Aims of Punishment Punishment: something done to a person because they have broken a law Protection: keeping the public from being harmed, threatened or injured by criminals Retribution: an aim of punishment – to get your own back: ‘an eye for an eye’ Deterrence: an aim of punishment – to put people off committing crimes … Continue reading Moral Debate of Punishment

Death Penalty Articles

I am putting together a series of Blog Posts with relevant articles that will help you with assignment and AVU research. These will help ensure you have reliable sources and not relying on Wikipedia.  These will be updated as new articles are found. BBC Ethics - Capital Punishment  Great for all round Information on Capital … Continue reading Death Penalty Articles