Existence of God Revision Notes

Another brilliant set of revision notes on the Existence of God Unit. Nature of God Omnipotent – God is all powerful Omniscient – God knows all Omnibenevolence – God is entirely good Omnipresent – God is present in all of time & space Creator of everything that exists Why might people disagree about the nature … Continue reading Existence of God Revision Notes


General and Special Revelation – Types of Revelation, Strengths and Weaknesses.

What is Revelation? The word revelation comes from the Latin 'revelere' which means to unveil. Basically, it is the communication of things which are unknown by reason alone to mankind. This means we cannot know fully about things that are beyond our human understanding - such as things like the afterlife, the soul or God's … Continue reading General and Special Revelation – Types of Revelation, Strengths and Weaknesses.

What is the Purpose of Revelation?

The Origins course will look at many different ideas about where the Universe comes from and who made it. We are going to explore this in this unit and look at different answers to the question: What are the Origins of the Universe? To begin with, we are going to focus on Christianity and how … Continue reading What is the Purpose of Revelation?

The Euthyphro Dilemma

What is the Euthyphro Dilemma? The Euthyphro Dillemma explained as well as the Strengths and Weaknesses of each side of the dilemma. Revision Guide for Morality and Moral Philosophy

Recommended Watching – Songs of Praise – Christianity and Cancer

A recommended viewing for those looking at Christianity, suffering, faith, belief in God etc.

If I Was A God – Pupil Work

Our S2 class have been learning about Suffering and why it happens and recently after watching Bruce Almighty have been challenged with the task of writing an Imaginative Piece on "If I Were A God". I have put up some of my favourite pieces so far! Dear God, I have been thinking about what is … Continue reading If I Was A God – Pupil Work

The Big Bang Theory Explained

The Big Bang Theory is a term for a theory that is centuries old although is on record as being term the 'Big Bang Theory' by Fred Hoyle in the 1920s. There are many different parts to the Big Bang Theories and some disagreements within the scientific community as to the cause and effect of … Continue reading The Big Bang Theory Explained

Is God A Man In the Sky? – Huffington Post Article

Professor Alan Lurie writes about his beliefs on What God is. He is from a Jewish faith and this could be useful when asked in an exam or assignment about beliefs about God. As a rabbi, I am often asked to define the word “God.” And as a person whose life is centred on knowing … Continue reading Is God A Man In the Sky? – Huffington Post Article

National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

Hello National 5s Below are the revision guides for your three units to complete in the exam. I will add more and more revision guides to this website for the topics that you need to know about for the exam. Remember to use this website to help or come along to B12 after school for … Continue reading National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

Islam – Beliefs in God

This is a summary of what Muslims believe about God. The Arabic word for God is Allah, that is what many Muslims call him as most of islamic texts and words are written in Arabic. Tawhid Muslims believe in Tawhid - this is the belief that there is one supreme god. Muslims are Monotheistic, this … Continue reading Islam – Beliefs in God