Where Can RMPS Take You? – Kerry—Sociology Student #WHYRMPS

RMPS has so many possibilities and can lead on to so many different possible career paths.  This series is going to demonstrate the many paths that RMPS can take you on and the wide variety of occupations and career paths that it can help equip you for.


Kerry is currently a sociology student who studied RMPS. This shows that RMPS can open up so many different doors.

What did you Study?

Higher RMPS

Why did you choose to study it?

I chose to study RMPS to learn more about my religion and other religions. I was also interested in the different views people have on the creation of the universe and different moral issues and how people approach them.

What is your Occupation?

I am a sociology student.

How did your study of RME (or related subjects) help you?

RME let me understand different religions and let me respect them more and it gave me a better understanding of why religious and non religious people do certain things and act in certain ways.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

I would say to myself to look more into other religions to understand everyone and have a well rounded view of the world in which we live.

Further Reading

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Get Involved!

If you would like to submit your own story of your progression path from studying RMPS or something similar please contact me or fill in this form.  




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