Existence of God Revision Notes

Another brilliant set of revision notes on the Existence of God Unit. Nature of God Omnipotent – God is all powerful Omniscient – God knows all Omnibenevolence – God is entirely good Omnipresent – God is present in all of time & space Creator of everything that exists Why might people disagree about the nature … Continue reading Existence of God Revision Notes


National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

Hello National 5s Below are the revision guides for your three units to complete in the exam. I will add more and more revision guides to this website for the topics that you need to know about for the exam. Remember to use this website to help or come along to B12 after school for … Continue reading National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

Cosmological and Teleological Arguments Revision Posters

In order to help you with the Origins and Existence of God revision. I have created some posters that you can use to help with your revision and understanding. RME teachers feel free to print and use in your classroom.