Higher RMPS – Essay Structure and Exam Advice 2023

I have created the above guide to help Higher RMPS pupils think about the structure that they should use when answering Higher RMPS questions.

This is something that is helpful for practicing your essay structures and timings. Save you from ‘waffling’ on about a point. If you need a reminder of what the skills looks like – this post will help.

Paper 1 Advice

Use the course Specification to help you fill in the blanks for the essay structures. The Question Stems above will be what is asked in the exam. Make sure you are familiar with these essay types.

TOP TIP You only need to know maximum ten pieces of knowledge for each of the Bold points and 6 for the others.

TOP TIP Only the wording below can be used in the exam so make sure you are familiar with it. Especially with the wording after the words in bold. E.g. if you are asked a question about Nature of Humans in Islam – you will only get marks if you link your knowledge to the Nature of Humans, Khalifas, Freewill and suffering

TOP TIP In 2023, the SQA will not assess you on the information that has been scored out on morality and belief section.

Paper 2

Paper 2 is a little bit different. This is the religious and philosophical questions section. It is made up on one 20 mark essay. There is not as much content to learn for this section. Make sure you can answer the questions under whatever section you have studied.

TOP TIP – Look at Past Papers- you will see there are a lot of similarities in the questions. In this Paper there are only 2-3 questions you will be asked. This means your KU will be the same, your analysis and evaluation will change depending on the question.

Course Specification

Extra Support

SQA Understanding Standards – https://www.understandingstandards.org.uk/Subjects/RMPS/Higher/QuestionPaper

This is a great resource to see real examples of essays, including model answers and how they are marked.


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