Higher RMPS Revision Tasks

Higher's who are looking for some revision inspiration - here is a list of tasks you can complete split up into different sections of time. This could be adapted for different units or even different subjects. I have linked to some Kahoot quizzes which I will make more of as time goes on. 5 Minute … Continue reading Higher RMPS Revision Tasks


S1 Islam – Home Learning Tasks

Work through the following tasks at your own pace. S1 Home Learning Tasks GridDownload Watch and Answer the Questions https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z3tfgk7 Why did Muhammad (pbuh) leave Mecca (also known as Makkah)?  Who was the first ever Muslim?  How did he travel to Yathrib?  What is the journey across the desert called? https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpdtsbk/articles/zrxxgwx What is Islam?  Read the guide and complete the quiz at … Continue reading S1 Islam – Home Learning Tasks

Higher RMPS Past Paper Questions – Islam, Justice and Origins

This table below is a quick reference guide for all past paper questions in Higher for Justice, Islam and Origins. What can you do with these questions to help your revision? Time yourself writing a response. It should be about 20 minutes for a 10 marker and 40 minutes for a 20 marker. Go through … Continue reading Higher RMPS Past Paper Questions – Islam, Justice and Origins

Higher RMPS – Islam Revision Notes

These notes were provided by a former Higher RMPS student as their summary notes to aid with their revision. With his permission I can share them with you to help with your own revision. Nature Of God Tawhid refers to the idea of the unity and oneness of God 99 names of God show Allah … Continue reading Higher RMPS – Islam Revision Notes

Revelation Through Tradition in Christianity and Islam

Previously we have covered the different types of Revelation and how that can impact on an individuals morality. This lesson we will be looking at how tradition and practices in a religion can impact on an individual. Christian Tradition - History Practices in the earlier church have over time established themselves as tradition. Sometimes a … Continue reading Revelation Through Tradition in Christianity and Islam

Islam Revision Guide – Five Pillars, Life of Mohammed, Judgement Day, The Qur’an, Nature of Allah

S1 Classes will shortly be completing an assessment on the Islam unit they have been working through. You should have been given a copy of the following mind map of the main topics you need to study. This is a guide to give further information on the different topics you have studied to help you … Continue reading Islam Revision Guide – Five Pillars, Life of Mohammed, Judgement Day, The Qur’an, Nature of Allah

Islam – Beliefs in God

This is a summary of what Muslims believe about God. The Arabic word for God is Allah, that is what many Muslims call him as most of islamic texts and words are written in Arabic. Tawhid Muslims believe in Tawhid - this is the belief that there is one supreme god. Muslims are Monotheistic, this … Continue reading Islam – Beliefs in God

Introduction to Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion today. One in five people in the world are Muslim. That’s over a billion people! This post is all about an Introduction to Islam. I recommend starting with this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpcbfxtdoI8 Muslims are found throughout the world. Contrary to common belief, most Muslims are not Arab. In fact, only … Continue reading Introduction to Islam