Christianity Quick Revision Guides

Hello! In order to help with your revision for all things Christianity. I have created 1 page revision guides on the main topics. They are just quick overviews and you will need a lot more depth in your exam but it hopefully will help with your revision for your exams. ChristianityHelpSheets All Revision Guides and … Continue reading Christianity Quick Revision Guides


The Life of Jesus – Revision Resource

This is a great website that talks you through all the things you need to know about Jesus. In the National 5 and Higher Exam - you will need to know Who Jesus was, Beliefs about him, his teachings, what impact he had as well as basic information about his life. You may be asked … Continue reading The Life of Jesus – Revision Resource

Is God A Man In the Sky? – Huffington Post Article

Professor Alan Lurie writes about his beliefs on What God is. He is from a Jewish faith and this could be useful when asked in an exam or assignment about beliefs about God. As a rabbi, I am often asked to define the word “God.” And as a person whose life is centred on knowing … Continue reading Is God A Man In the Sky? – Huffington Post Article

Christian Beliefs about Nature of Humans

In your exam you may be asked about The Nature of Human Beings. This is a revision guide for key ideas that you will need to know for your exam. Created in the Image of God So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he … Continue reading Christian Beliefs about Nature of Humans

Christian Beliefs about Creation

Christians believe that God created the Universe. He chose to create it out of love for humanity. Some may argue that he created it because he wanted to be worshipped, therefore it was selfish his creation however Christians would debate this. They would argue that as God is Omnipotent he doesn't need to be loved. … Continue reading Christian Beliefs about Creation

National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

Hello National 5s Below are the revision guides for your three units to complete in the exam. I will add more and more revision guides to this website for the topics that you need to know about for the exam. Remember to use this website to help or come along to B12 after school for … Continue reading National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

Original Sin

You will have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything, until you go back to the soil from which you were formed. You were made from soil, and you will become soil again. (Genesis 3: 19) The Fall The story behind original sin is told in the Old Testament book of Genesis: God … Continue reading Original Sin

Winter Festivals – Comparison Task

December is not just the month of Christmas, in years gone by there have been many festivals that have been at this time. In fact, Jesus' birth was most likely not in December, but there were so many festivals at this time that Christians chose this time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Pagan's celebrate … Continue reading Winter Festivals – Comparison Task

Christianity – Nature of God

Christians would agree with the descriptions of God detailed above. Christians are monotheists. This means that they believe there is only one God. It is very difficult to describe God, because everyday language is always about ordinary things but God is not ordinary. God is 'holy', meaning special, separate and different. It is important to remember … Continue reading Christianity – Nature of God

Christianity – Living According to the Gospels

In the National 5 or Higher Exam you could be asked about Living according to the gospels. You may be asked to describe what this means, explain why the gospels are important, the challenges or benefits of living according to the gospels amongst other things. So it is important to know what the Gospels are … Continue reading Christianity – Living According to the Gospels