Religious and Non Religious Groups in Scotland

Our S2 class have been looking at different religious groups in Scotland according to the census. They have been given a task to complete some research on a religious group from the 2011 Census.   Use this guide to help you with your research. You should describe the groups main beliefs, practices, if they have a … Continue reading Religious and Non Religious Groups in Scotland


Understanding Humanism Resources

  This is a great website created by the Humanist Society of Scotland to understand Humanist views on things. It includes What is Humanism? PDF Bioethics PDF The Origin of Religion PDF Humanist Responses to Various Moral Issues - Great for assignments or assessments where you need a non religious viewpoint! Responses to … Continue reading Understanding Humanism Resources

How do Non- Religious people make decisions?

There is no one singular answer to this question. People make decisions in a variety of different ways, people may not even know the process that they go through to make decisions. Some religious people may look to their own holy books or teachings for guidance. But what about non religious people? Where do they … Continue reading How do Non- Religious people make decisions?

Assignment Resources and Websites

This is a list of some recommended websites and resources. It will be added to as we find more resources. If you know of any other good websites or resources please add them in the comments and I'll add them to the list. BBC Religion - This is a good general website for ideas, resources … Continue reading Assignment Resources and Websites