Higher Buddhism Revision Notes

You may have seen the Higher/ National 5 RMPS Justice Revision¬†Notes where I simplified the Course Spec for Higher Justice into 3 A3 Pages. I have done a similar task for Higher Buddhism - these notes are meant as a revision aid to help you draw links between different elements of Buddhism. I have included … Continue reading Higher Buddhism Revision Notes


The First Precept – To Abstain from Harming Living Things

The Five Precepts are a guide from Buddhists to live ethically and morally. It is up to the individual Buddhist to decide how to follow them and apply them to their lives. If they live in a Monastic Community they may have to follow the Five Precepts more strictly. You can read more about the … Continue reading The First Precept – To Abstain from Harming Living Things

Introduction to the Five Precepts and Three Jewels

Background Living a life in accordance with the Noble Eightfold Path is itself a form of worship. There is no God in Buddhism and Buddhists do not worship Buddha himself as a divine being. The Buddhist community is called the Sangha. The Sangha can refer to a monastic community (Monks living together) or to the … Continue reading Introduction to the Five Precepts and Three Jewels

S2 Buddhism Course – Revision Guide

The time is nearing for the S2 Assessment consolidating all your learning for Buddhism this term. You should have a copy of the below mind map to help you with what you should be revising. This guide is to provide a refresher for any bits you need extra help on. You will be able to … Continue reading S2 Buddhism Course – Revision Guide

The Four Sights and Going Forth – Buddhism

The Four Sights are the 4 things that Siddhartha Gautama¬†saw for the first time when he left the palace after living a sheltered life. When thinking about the four sights you need to try to think of it from the perspective of never seeing these things before and how your eyes would be opened to … Continue reading The Four Sights and Going Forth – Buddhism

The Noble Eightfold Path

The Noble Eightfold Path consists of eight ways of thinking, speaking and behaving that the Buddha said people should follow if they want to reach Nirvana, the end of suffering. Some would argue that it may be too difficult to follow. See below at each of the steps and challenges it may present. RIGHT UNDERSTANDING … Continue reading The Noble Eightfold Path

Karma and Reincarnation

Our S2 Pupils have been learning about Life after Death. We have been learning about how Karma can affect reincarnation and so our pupils have designed their own snakes and ladders boards. There are some wonderful examples of this. I love seeing the creativity from the kids.

Could Reincarnation be possible?

Many people believe in reincarnation. The idea that people are reborn as another living thing when they die. There are many religious and non religious examples of this... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Could play the piano fluently from a young age. Composed many pieces of work from the age of 4. Claimed he could remember music … Continue reading Could Reincarnation be possible?