Christian Beliefs about Nature of Humans

In your exam you may be asked about The Nature of Human Beings. This is a revision guide for key ideas that you will need to know for your exam. Created in the Image of God So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he … Continue reading Christian Beliefs about Nature of Humans


Understanding Humanism Resources

  This is a great website created by the Humanist Society of Scotland to understand Humanist views on things. It includes What is Humanism? PDF Bioethics PDF The Origin of Religion PDF Humanist Responses to Various Moral Issues - Great for assignments or assessments where you need a non religious viewpoint! Responses to … Continue reading Understanding Humanism Resources

Islam – Beliefs in God

This is a summary of what Muslims believe about God. The Arabic word for God is Allah, that is what many Muslims call him as most of islamic texts and words are written in Arabic. Tawhid Muslims believe in Tawhid - this is the belief that there is one supreme god. Muslims are Monotheistic, this … Continue reading Islam – Beliefs in God

Introduction to Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion today. One in five people in the world are Muslim. That’s over a billion people! This post is all about an Introduction to Islam. I recommend starting with this video! Muslims are found throughout the world. Contrary to common belief, most Muslims are not Arab. In fact, only … Continue reading Introduction to Islam