Where Can RMPS Take You? – Angus Mathieson – Church of Scotland #WHYRMPS

RMPS has so many possibilities and can lead on to so many different possible career paths.  This series is going to demonstrate the many paths that RMPS can take you on and the wide variety of occupations and career paths that it can help equip you for.

Angus works for the Church of Scotland, he has been an ordained minister for over 30 years. The Church of Scotland employs lots of people in a variety of roles. It is not just for ministers. You can find Angus on Twitter @angusmathieson

What did you Study?

Degree in Theology

Why did you choose to study it?

Required as ministerial training

What is your Occupation?

Head of Department in the Church of Scotland Mission and Discipleship Council – responsible for 35 staff and a turnover of £2.5m

121How did your study of RME (or related subjects) help you?

My key delivery departments are in Christian Education, Resourcing Worship, and Evangelism/Missional Work – my degree equipped me to understand these and the associated concepts.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Read widely and travel





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