Where can RMPS take you? Posters


LearningRMPS.com is a completely free to use site. And is used by thousands of people each month. It was originally set up to help my own students without the need for a password or log in. It has grown and as such the domain itself costs over £100 a year to keep the site running. This comes from my own money. I have no sponsorship or income from ads. If you feel you benefit from the site please donate what you think it is worth to you.


#WHYRMPSYou may have read our Where can RMPS take you series? And there is still time to get involved and add onto it. We are looking for anyone who has studied RMPS to explain how RMPS has impacted on them.

I have created a set of posters that can be used to show how RMPS can Develop the Young Workforce. These are currently on my classroom wall along with the celebrities who have studied Religious Studies or related subjects.

I found this resource on TES and have updated it a little to include new celebrities.

Famous_People_Who_Studied_RS – Updated

Why RME Fact Files

I plan on getting pupils nearer course choice time to look at the case studies, look at the careers of the people involved and look at the skills required and how they can practice these in RMPS. This will be an evolving resource that I will try to update as I can. If you know of anyone who studied RMPS or related subjects please send them to the complete the survey.

It would be great to see how others use this resource so feel free to share in the comments or message me on Twitter etc.




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