S3 – Home Learning Tasks – Crime and Justice

Hello, this here is a collection of different tasks that pupils can complete. You can complete in any order.

Watch and Answer

Life inside UK Prisons

Watch this documentary and write a summary of your learning

Tagged: Fresh Outta Jail

Watch all 3 episodes and answer the question – How effective is electronic tagging as a punishment?

American prison system vs Norwegian prison system

What are the main differences between Norway and USA.

Rights and Wrongs of the Death Penalty

Your Choice

Watch a TV Show or Movie that features criminal activity. Explain why the criminal committed the crime, what the crime was and what the punishment was if they were not punished explain what punishment there should be)


Causes of Crime


Explain 5 reasons why someone might commit a crime.

Life in UK Prisons


What is prison life like?

History of Capital Punishment in the UK


Why did the UK get rid of Capital Punishment?

Big Pharma’s Crusade to end Death Penalty


Read the article and explain what drugs companies are doing

Knife Crime


You have been put in charge of reducing Knife Crime in the UK. What steps would you take?


  • Research a criminal.
    • Explain what their crime was, what you think led to them causing the crime. Could the crime have been prevented and what punishment they received.
  • Research a country that still has the Death Penalty.
    • Complete some research into how many executions it carries out and methods used.
  • Complete some research into methods of capital punishment used around the world.
    • Explain what you think is the most effective.
  • Research a UK charity that helps prisoners.
    • Explain what it does and why it does it.
  • Research the story of someone who was sentenced to death but was later found innocent.
    • Explain what the crime was and how it was found they were later innocent.


  • “We should test vaccines and cures for medical issues on Prisoners” Do you agree? Explain your answer
  • “We should bring back Death Penalty in the UK” Do you agree? Explain your answer
  • “Some methods of Capital Punishment are better than others” Do you agree? Explain your answer
  • “Criminals should be forgiven” Do you agree? Explain your answer
  • “Prisoners should not be allowed luxuries such as TV or access to the gym” Do you agree? Explain your answer


  1. Write a script for a radio interview between you and a criminal. You need to think about how the criminal would answer your questions.
  2. Create a model of a prison that you have designed.
  3. Design a new alternative punishment that could be issued to people found guilty of committing the following crimes.
    1. Speeding
    2. Theft
    3. Kidnap
    4. Murder
    5. Assault
  4. Write a song or rap about Justice/ Crime or Punishment.
  5. Create a video guide showing all your learning about Justice.


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