S1 Islam – Home Learning Tasks

Work through the following tasks at your own pace.

Watch and Answer the Questions

Why did Muhammad (pbuh) leave Mecca (also known as Makkah)?  
Who was the first ever Muslim?  
How did he travel to Yathrib?  
What is the journey across the desert called? 
What is Islam?  
Read the guide and complete the quiz at the end.  
What is Ramadan? 
When is Ramadan in 2020? 
How is Ramadan celebrated? 
What is Eid- Ul- Fitr 
What is Eid Ul-adha? 
What is the story? 
How is it celebrated? 
What is Hajj? 
Explain what happens during Friday night prayers at the mosque.  


Read the Prophet Muhammad Information Sheet (1) and Answer the Questions (2)
Read through the 5 Pillars of Islam Powerpoint (3)  and complete the table task. (4)Read through the Islamic Idea of What is God Like Powerpoint (5) and activity sheet (6) and answer the questions.  Read through the Zakat activity sheet (7) and answer the questions Read through the Sawm Worksheet (8) and answer the questions.  


Research a famous Muslim. Show how their faith influences their daily life.  Research what happens during Hajj. Create visual guide of your learning. Complete some research on Islam in Scotland. Find out where the nearest mosque is and how many mosques there are. What happens during Eid? Find some pictures of Eid celebrations and create a collage.  Research a country where Islam is the main religion. Compare and contrast the country with Scotland. 


Use your knowledge of Islam to create a script for a radio interview between you and a muslim. Use the template (9) to design your own prayer mat.  Use the Mosque 
Powerpoint (10) to help you build your own model of a mosque.  
Work through the Symbols PowerPoint (11) and design your own symbol for Islam Create a video guide showing all your learning about Islam.  

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