S2 Home Learning Task – Should Zoo’s be banned?

Hello! Here is a series of Big Question tasks that you can work through if you are working at home.

1. Read the Powerpoint

2. Watch the video

3. Read this article


Arguments for and against Zoo’s. 

4. Create a Table

Create a table of all the arguments for and against keeping zoo’s open 

5. Research

Many zoos now include educational facilities, researchers and attempt to preserve endangered species. Find and research a zoo on the Internet or by using your phone and answer the following questions. 

  • How many animals does this zoo contain? 
  • Does this zoo offer educational facilities? 
  • Does this zoo attempt to conserve endangered species? 
  • What endangered species does this zoo keep? 

6. Debate

“People don’t understand the good that a zoo does. There are education centres for school visits that provide people with a chance to see animals that they’d otherwise never see in the wild. Zoos are also really important for research and conservation efforts too. A lot of money is invested in preserving natural habitats and zoos play an important role in looking after endangered animals.”  

“These horrendous places should stop kidding themselves by suggesting that zoo visits are educational. Most visitors don’t spend much time reading the information boards – they just look at the animals and move on. Animals often show signs of stress at being forced to live in captivity, many are made to live in unnatural climates and there’s just something wrong about forcing animals to live a life where people stare at them all day for entertainment.”  

Who do you agree with? Why? 

7. Create

Answer your Big question – You can choose how you present your information. You may want to make a video, a poster, a rap, write a speech, a Tik Tok video, a IGTV, a twitter feed, a powerpoint, a mindmap – the possibilities are endless.  

 Consider the pros and cons and come to a conclusion.    


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