S2 Home Learning Task – Should We Eat Less Meat to Save the Environment?

Hello! Here is a series of Big Question tasks that you can work through if you are working at home.

1. Read the Powerpoint

2. Watch the video

3. Read this article

The Day Resource

4. Create a Table

Create a table of all the arguments for and against eating less meat 

5. Research

Using your phone or the Internet, research the food/meat industry and its impact on the environment using the questions below.  

Research the following:  

  • What percentage of all greenhouse gases are caused by the meat industry?  
  • What other environmental damages are caused by the meat industry?  
  • Find out which nations/continents waste the most food and list them below, including their percentage of waste. 

6. Debate

“I’m what’s known as a ‘flexitarian’. This means I eat far less meat than most – in my case, I eat one meal with red meat in a week and my other meals are mostly plant or vegetable based. I think it would be useful if the government explained the benefits of this to the public. If the entire world did this, the reduction in carbon emissions would be massive!”  

“The government are already telling us that we can’t use single-use plastics and they’re forcing companies to ditch them. I feel it might be a step too far to demand that we change our diet to impact the environment too. Why not impose sanctions, fines and restrictions on large international companies that cause damage to the environment instead?”  

What do you think? Should we eat less meat to save the environment?  

7. Create

Answer your Big question – You can choose how you present your information. You may want to make a video, a poster, a rap, write a speech, a Tik Tok video, a IGTV, a twitter feed, a powerpoint, a mindmap – the possibilities are endless.  

 Consider the pros and cons and come to a conclusion.    


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