Higher RMPS Revision Tasks

Higher’s who are looking for some revision inspiration – here is a list of tasks you can complete split up into different sections of time. This could be adapted for different units or even different subjects. I have linked to some Kahoot quizzes which I will make more of as time goes on.

5 Minute Tasks

Look at Past Paper Questions. Break them down and work out what they are asking. Come up with a quick plan of what your essay would include.  

Past Paper Question
Complete a Kahoot Knowledge quiz  

Morality and Justice 
Read over Quizlet Flashcards Choose one mini topic and write down all you can in 5 minutes.  

Justice Revision Notes 
Islam Revision Notes 
Origins Revision Notes 

10 Minute Tasks

Create a Revision Timetable. There are some apps that you can use to create one such as Adapt. Or use the template.  

Revision Timetable creator  
Write a more detailed plan for an essay question.  

Essay Plan Template 
Use the Revision Clock resource – Spend 5 minutes revising a Unit and then 5 minutes filling in the blanks  

Revision Clock  
Read a guide on www.learningrmps.com  

20 Minute Tasks

Choose one topic and create revision flashcards for one topic.  Time yourself and write a 10 marker essay.  Choose a topic, spend 10 minutes writing all you can and 10 minutes adding any anything else from notes.  Make sure your notes/ folder is organised and in order. It makes it easier to revise.  

40 Minute Tasks

Time yourself and practice a 20 Marker essay.  Listen to a Podcast or watch a documentary that is linked to your learning.  

Documentary Lists
Go through a past paper and plan out the essays your would write if you were given these questions Create a mindmap on one unit. Use one colour for KU, one for Analysis and one for Evaluation.  

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