My Marking and Feedback Toolkit

I have been following #feedbacknotmarking for a while and today I have embraced it. When marking a whole class set of Homework I made a template and have been combining the feedback sheet with coloured highlighters meaning different things – e.g. Green means good point, yellow means further explanation required, blue means add in an example and red is this is not required or repetition.
Will update on how it goes.

Mrs Humanities

marking and feedback toolkit #feedbackNOTmarkingI think we all know by now that I actually love providing feedback in all shapes and forms. Over the past 3 years I’ve tried a large variety of methods to find what works best. Some methods are my go to approaches, a few I come back to now and then, others I’ve tried the once and binned.

feedback toolkit

I thought I’d share my top 5 feedback approaches that have become my #feedbackNOTmarking toolkit.

ACE Peer Assessment or the more recent take on it SpACE Peer Assessment.

This technique I use frequently with my classes. Often when students are working on an extended piece of writing  or a prolonged task I will get them to stop where they are (usually about half way into the task) and get them to ACE their peers work. Students will peer assess in purple pen using the coding system and write comments/questions at the end or…

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