How to Use Microsoft Teams Guides by @MrFinlayBusEd

Thanks to Mr Finlay for letting me share these fabulous guides to Microsoft Teams. If you are not sure what to do, try have a look and see if these guides answer your question. We are all in this together so let’s help each other out!

Pupil Guides

How to Access Microsoft Teams from Home – Pupil Guide

How to Contact Your Teacher Via Glow

How to Use Microsoft Teams – Pupil Guide

Teacher Guides

How to set up a faculty Team on Microsoft Teams.

How to Set Up a Class Team

How to use Microsoft Teams Insights

How to Create, Mark and Return an Assignment on Teams.

How to Deliver a Praise Badge

How To Gain Information on Team Time File Visit

How to Generate a Class Code

How to Create A Self Marking Quiz on Teams Assignment

How To Share a Private Sharepoint

How to Transfer Files From Faculty Team To Class Team

How to Create a Student Planner

How to add files to your class from your device.

How to create an announcement on Teams

How to Share a Private One Drive Folder on Teams

Thanks to Mr Finlay for this hard work. He really is the Teams guru. I recommend giving him a follow on Twitter.

Happy Remote Learning!


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