S2 Home Learning Task – Should Plastic Straws Be Banned?

Hello! Here is a series of Big Question tasks that you can work through if you are working at home.

1. Read the Powerpoint

2. Watch the video

3. Read this article


Newsround – Should Plastic Straws be banned 

4. Create a Table

Create a table of all the arguments for and against plastic straws

5. Research

Imagine you’re a researcher for a drinks company looking to replace plastic straws. 

Find four alternatives to plastic, explaining what they’re made of and their pros and cons. 

6. Debate

”Plastic drinking straws are beyond terrible for the environment and there’s absolutely no reason to be using or manufacturing them in a day and age where biodegradable options are available. Animals choke on plastic straws, they take hundreds of years to degrade entirely – if at all, and the manufacturing process creates a whole host of nasty pollutants. There’s no need. Go with paper or simply drink from the container or glass!”  

“Sometimes a straw is necessary and not everyone carries reusable items with them in order to preserve the environment. It can get a little overwhelming by the time you’ve got a shopping bag, a travel mug, a drinking straw on hand to make sure you’re not harming the environment. Also, many disabled individuals rely on single-use plastic straws. Alternatives such as metal and acrylic can’t be adjusted, contain potential allergens, are hard to sanitise and aren’t safe for hot liquids.”  

Who do you agree with? Why? 

7. Create

Answer your Big question – You can choose how you present your information. You may want to make a video, a poster, a rap, write a speech, a Tik Tok video, a IGTV, a twitter feed, a powerpoint, a mindmap – the possibilities are endless.  

 Consider the pros and cons and come to a conclusion.    


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