Home Learning Recommended Viewing/ Listening


RMPS Resources


This channel has lots of links to clips and documentaries.


The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

This is an excellent series that explores many issues studied in RMPS including creation, freewill, evil and suffering and proof of God.

Derren Brown – The Push or Miracle

This is great for looking at how we are influenced and the psychology behind it.

Louis Theroux

In particular, My Scientology Movie is good.

The 2 documentaries he made on the Westboro Baptist Church.

Behind Bars – shows life in US Prisons

Law and Disorder in Johannesburg – which explores Justice in South Africa

A Place for Peadophiles – Looking at reformation of criminals

In all honesty there are A LOT of documentaries on Netflix that you could watch about criminals, prisons and justice.

Life and Death Row


There are a few series of this they are good for looking at the whole process of Death Row as well as the impact it has on others. There are some gory bits so watch with caution.

Stacey Dooley


Stacey Dooley is a great investagative journalist. There are some great documentaries.

The Disappearance of Margaret Fleming


The first time a trial has been filmed in Scotland. It is a great insight into how prosecution works in Scotland.



How effective is tagging in the UK?


  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Ted Talks Daily
  • The Moral Maze
  • David Baddiel Tries to Understand
  • My Favourite Murder
  • Under the Skin with Russell Brand
  • No Such Thing as a Fish
  • Serial

  • Blethered
  • Dead Man Talking

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