Summer Holiday Recommended Reading

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Summer Holiday Recommended Reading/ Viewing/ Listening

If you find yourself at a loose end this Summer Holidays why not further your learning in RMPS. Here’s a list of recommended videos, podcasts or books.


RMPS Resources

This channel has lots of links to clips and documentaries.


The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

This is an excellent series that explores many issues studied in RMPS including creation, freewill, evil and suffering and proof of God. There are two seasons of it.

Derren Brown – The Push or Miracle

This is great for looking at how we are influenced and the psychology behind it.

Any Derren Brown is great for studying human behaviour.

Louis Theroux

There’s a whole range of documentaries that Louis Theroux has made that are really interesting.

In particular, My Scientology Movie is good, as are the 2 documentaries he made on the Westboro Baptist Church.

Evil Genius

Evil Genius is a great example of Justice as well as Determinism/ Evil and Suffering.

BBC IPlayer

Life and Death Row

There are a few series of this they are good for looking at the whole process of Death Row as well as the impact it has on others. There are some gory bits so watch with caution.

NHS at 70

In Particular the episode on genetics is good for showing the advances in genetics.

A Tattoo to Save Your Life

Ben used to be a satanist, and self-harmed. He is now a vicar and wants to get a tattoo to remember that God saved his life.

Heal Me in the Name of Jesus

An Australian Healer claims that he can cure people of their disabilities through Jesus. Emily Yates, a wheelchair user, attends a UK session to investigate.


The Year of Living Biblically – A J Jacobs

This book follows one man’s quest in trying to follow all the rules in the bible. This is a really interesting read and is quite funny too. There is also a TED talk too.

A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking

This was an international best seller Stephen Hawking explains his theories about the Universe in a way that is understandable for non-scientists to understand.

Sophie’s World – Jostien Gaarder

A very accessible book: a story, written mostly in the form of letters, about a young girl who encounters key philosophical questions and key figures in western philosophy. A great introduction to the history of western philosophy.

13 Ways of Looking at the Death Penalty- Mario Marazziti

A long-time spokesman for the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Rome-based progressive Catholic NGO, MARIO MARAZZITI co-founded the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty in 2002. For many years he was a producer with RAI, the Italian television network. In 2012, Marazziti was elected to the lower house of Italian parliament, where he pursues a broad human-rights based portfolio. He is the author of a number of books in Italian and has written a regular column for Corriere della Serra. Marazziti lives in Rome. This book focuses on how he thinks about the Death Penalty.

The Forgiveness Project- Marina Cantacuzino

A book highlighting the importance of forgiveness from both the victims and the perpetrator’s views.

The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins in one of the country’s most famous critics of religion. In “The God Delusion”, he presents his arguments for atheism.

Traveling to Infinity – Jane Hawking and My Brief History by Stephen Hawking

The Book that inspired the film Theory of Everything – This is a biography written by Jane Hawking Stephen Hawking’s first wife. It is interesting in finding out about his life. There also is a really short Autobiography written by Stephen Hawking which only takes about an hour to read.


  • Stuff You Should Know

  • Ted Talks Daily

  • The Moral Maze

  • David Baddiel Tries to Understand

  • My Favourite Murder
  • Under the Skin with Russell Brand

  • No Such Thing as a Fish

  • Serial

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