Welcome to the New Look LearningRMPS.com

We have a new site and a new look! We are now learningrmps.com!

Learning RMPS is a learning site aimed at Religious Moral Philosophical Studies (RMPS) or RME students, teachers and parents. The site is designed to be user friendly and provide help with classwork, homework and revision.

I am a RMPS teacher myself and set up the site as an easy way to provide catch up notes or share information without having to log in to another platform. Also teaching is busy enough as it is without having to constantly re-invent the wheel.

In 2017 the site had nearly 10,000 views and so it is a well used resource. I would love to have more contributions on the site and if you have something you think could go on the site – whether it be a revision guide, a video, a teaching method. I would LOVE to have more contributors to really grow the site further! It’s a bit of a one woman show at the moment! I am also happy to talk about collaborations of educational tools and products. Please feel free to email learningrmps@icloud.com

Would love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback too! Feel free to share with colleagues, pupils, parents!


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