Racism (in Sport) – Articles and Research Help

I am putting together a series of Blog Posts with relevant articles that will help you with assignment and AVU research. These will help ensure you have reliable sources and not relying on Wikipedia. These will be updated as more articles come out.

Christian Response to Racism

This website doesn’t purely focus on Racism in Sport, but racism in general. You can use this information to apply to your learning and essays about racism in sport.

Buddhist Response to Buddhism

Again this is not about Racism in sport but you can apply your learning to Sport.

Statistics and reaction from footballers to racism in the World Cup

BBC Sport Article focusing on Racism in football and how it can affect the World Cup.

Complaints being reported are on the rise.

Guardian Article about Kick it Out, the body who records and investigates Racial Incidents.

UEFA Website

Official UEFA guidance on Racism in Sport

Yougov- Website

Statistics on Attitudes towards Racism.



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