Assignment Resources and Websites

This is a list of some recommended websites and resources. It will be added to as we find more resources. If you know of any other good websites or resources please add them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

BBC Religion –

This is a good general website for ideas, resources and articles on many different topics. Use the search bar to help find information on your topic.

BBC Ethics – 

These are guides on some main issues that you may be studying. It give a lot of information on different topics including religious and non religious views.


Amnesty International

Some good information on human rights, torture, capital punishment. Although be careful of bias!

Humanism UK

Great guides on different topics demonstrating the humanist approach to many moral issues.

Issues Online

Issues online is a great resource for articles, facts and statistics on a wide range of topics.

Ask your teacher for the username and password.


Lots of short videos about a range of topics.

The Guardian

Search by topic to find relevant news articles.

Capital Punishment

General Religion

Stephen Fry on The Existence of God

Marriage Equality


Euthanasia/ Assisted Dying


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