Glow- 1 Year Review

This time last year, I wrote a post all about how actually on reflection Glow is fantastic and I will be using it more. I do use it most days, but mostly for the OneDrive storage space.


I have trained my colleague as well as our National 5 and Higher RMPS class on how to use OneNote. Last year I got really annoyed at having to constantly print, reprint, re photocopy notes, that were never read. This year all our course notes are going on One Note, which is like a collaborative notebook. Each person can work together, have their own space and access the notes that are uneditable until they are copied into their own ‘space’. As there are two teachers teaching the course this is a brilliant tool as we can both update, upload and observe the pupils work.

This is at least a start in the Glow journey. More importantly I have managed to work out how to change and access pupils passwords, this is the most handiest tool.

There is a great RMPS community on Glow, that engages in professional dialogue, the sharing of resources and ideas. Admittedly it is not the most accessible website in the world, and takes a bit of searching to find the right bit, but once your there it is really good. There are probably a million and other things that Glow can do, but we’ll do baby steps at the moment.





2 thoughts on “Glow- 1 Year Review

  1. I had about 5 minutes training on One Drive because the lady was late and in addition to that our computers were faced away from her screen so to be honest I really don’t have a clue how to use it properly but I WOULD LOVE TO!!! I have just started a twitter account for RMPS at Turriff but I am also fed up with printing resources for seniors. I have actually put all my handouts and power points on our school shared area so that the pupils can access them there but I would love to know more about One Drive. I don’t suppose that you would be willing to give me some guidance on it. Am I right in thinking that you are in Banff? Obviously after the summer holidays, I’m not that keen!!!


    1. Yes! Will drop you a wee email! We definetly can meet up. I’ll share my limited wisdom. What’s your twitter name?


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