Co-Operative Learning

Following a colleagues excellent twilight session following her attendance at the Co-Operative Learning Academy. The RMPS department has made a commitment to embedding co-op learning into our curriculum.

We have introduced the idea of co-operative learning to the class and we have talked about   what makes an effective team. Using a clip from the Avengers as a stimulus.

Groups were asked to come up with a team name that reflects their interests and skills, and because it is RMPS, we asked groups to create their own religion, with special customs, traditions and rituals. This will form their identity for the year. A personal favourite was the “Calf-Licks”- a group that worships cows…

There will be occasions where we will mix up the groups, or do different tasks with others. But on a whole the groups they are in are the groups they will be working with for the rest of the year.

We will continue to reflect, review and assess the impact that co-op learning is having in RMPS.



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