Malala Youth Voice Competition

Following our visit by some of our S2 Pupils to see “He Named Me Malala” as part of the Scottish Into Film Festival.

The pupils felt they wanted to share the voice of Malala through their own projects and have made some wonderful videos that promote an issue they decided needed addressed worldwide.

This was all pupil-led and organised from the writing of the strap line- to the video editing and filming. It was impressive work going on in the whole Humanities department.

All the videos can be watched here You-Tube

But We would be grateful if you would be able to go onto this website Malala Youth Voice and vote for the pupils videos. The more votes and likes they get the better the chances they have of winning some prizes.

They will all be under the BXA_RMPS name with a few still to be added.

Thank You to all pupils and staff for their hard work!







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