New (and improved) Bloom’s Wall

Told You I was slightly Bloom’s Obsessed. 

So as previously blogged about, one of my first things I did when I got my very own classroom, was make a massive Blooms Triangle for my wall. This is it here when it was first put up, throughout the year I got pupils to add different skills and “I Can” statements on it as we went along. BzkDii4CQAAqMDl

I loved my triangle, although tragically last week, I asked pupils to take down the wall display, saving my triangle so I could re back the wall. (2 note’s to self here, 1, if you really want to save something take it down yourself, 2. Check what backing paper is available in the department before you decide to pull down your wall displays because your bored of green, that’s right there seems to only be green paper in the department). Anyway one pupil got a little over excited that his friends were getting to rip the paper off the wall that he went and tore my triangle down. 😦

IMAG0624This week however I decided rather than replace it, I am going to make it better. So I relined the walls, in green paper. And as a payback for destroying my pride and joy, this pupil was in charge of laminating coloured pieces of paper we are moving on to learning about Karma, so feel it fits in with every action has a consequence and it is therefore not child labour.
Behold we now have a skills wall, complete with wonderful coloured “bricks”. On these bricks, I am getting pupils to identify skills (using the posters I previously shared) that they want to achieve based on our current topic, which so far is working a treat. My end of the term aim is for pupils to look back on the year and not only remember the topics we studied but the skills they gained and hopefully this will help show the pupils that as much as you want to watch a film, can you really gain all these skills from watching a film?



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