My Thoughts on the threats to Stirling University Religion Department

As a former student of Stirling University and someone who is desperate to return in the future to complete more studies in Religion. I was devestated to hear the news on Friday night of the threat to close Stirling Uni.

A few of my National 5 pupils have said to me they want to study religion further, to which I obviously said “go to stirling! It’s the best university”. The religion department is a small department, however that is why i liked it. I remember going to Edinburgh university for an open day getting moved from room to room meeting countless people and feeling there was no sense of community or coherence. I also¬†remember thinking it was too “god” focused.

Stirling Religion students and staff were a family, the tutors would say hi to you in the corridor, they would know you by name and you would feel like they made an extra effort to include you as part of the clan. I still talk daily to people I went to university with and can reference lectures and tutorials, who led them and what they said. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for History, the other part of my degree, where I felt a bit of a drifter between tutors.

It would be a travesty if this was to end.

Please sign the petition and follow this story here.

August 2015: Religion at Stirling under threat


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